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Professional Job at a Reasonable Price

Our church parking lot was in dire need of  complete overhaul! In three days Ruddock Paving were able to rip out and replace our parking lot with the desired stone base and two stage asphalt finish. They were on time, performed quality work, and provided the necessary expertise required to address all drainage issues and the like. Thank-you, Mike, Miguel and your team for doing such a professional job at a very reasonable price!

Grant H.

Our Services



Safe and Secure

Institutions such as schools and churches can experience heavier traffic flows at certain times of the day.  Ruddock Paving can help by including directional line markings, speed bumps and loading zones

parking lot
parking lot

Local school boards trust Ruddock Paving for making their parks and playgrounds safe for children and the community.”


A typical subdivision of new homes in a planned community, in the suburban area

Ruddock Paving Co. has experience in creating paving solutions that hold up to heavy uses. Contact us today for a free quote

Our Services 

  • Local collector

  • Arterial Roads

  • Sidewalks

  • Pathways

  • Accessibility Ramps

  • Utility cuts



Ruddock Paving Co. has the expertise necessary to perform high-quality paving installation and repair works for industrial operations.


When you need a team of commercial pavers that know how to get the job done, you choose us.

Contact us today at 905-632-1603 for industrial paving in Burlington.

industrial paving

Our services include:

  • Any size job

  • Small repairs

  • New or reconstruct parking lot

  • Loading bays

  • Truck/fire access routes

  • Storage bases

  • Line painting

  • Curb and sidewalk repair

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